Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Inspiration Board for Malay Wedding Dress, Wedding Gown

I have always loved attending Malay weddings because they are such colourful affairs. The bride is always decked out gloriously in an elegant and elaborate wedding dress. She changes her outfits several times during the wedding event - one for the actual wedding ceremony (called the nikah) where the marriage contracts are signed in front of witnesses, and another wedding outfit (or weddings outfits) for taking photographs with family and friends after the nikah ceremony, and another outfit for the lunch or dinner wedding reception.

I compiled some photographs of Malay bridal dresses and gowns for a Malay wedding into an idea inspiration board. Hopefully, readers will be inspired!

Inspiration Board for Nikah Wedding Gown

Most Malay Muslim brides today choose to incorporate the hijab (Islamic headscarf) for their nikah (wedding ceremony) dress. This is because the nikah is an inherently Islamic affair - the wedding ceremony during which the signing of the marriage contracts are performed involves praying as well, and women, including the bride, should be modestly dressed. The wedding gown styles above show how a bride can look beautiful, modest and respectable with the hijab on!

Inspiration Board Malay Wedding Gown

Malay Muslim brides like to change their wedding gown outfits after the nikah ceremony, so as to take memorable photographs on the pelamin (wedding stage) with family and friends. They can change their outfits three or four times during the photo-taking ceremony. Above are some beautiful wedding gowns worn by Malay brides. Notice that the bride and bridegroom wear matching wedding outfits, and that their outfits are usually colourful and cheery.

Inspiration Board Malay Fashionable Wedding Gown

The above contains ideas for wedding gowns that would be suitable for lunch or dinner receptions. Notice the beautiful play of vibrant colours, which are typical in Malay wedding gown designs.

Click here for more wedding dress designs:

Modest Wedding Dresses for Nikkah Wedding

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Blogger ayeh said...

how can i purchase it? it is really beautiful....

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Blogger ayeh said...

hi, how can i purchase it? it is really beautiful......

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