Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding Gown Styles With Long Sleeves

On the left is a picture of a 18th century wedding dress. Before Queen Victoria made white wedding dress a fashionable choice, brides had a variety of colours to choose for their wedding dress. Furthermore, the wedding dresses then were also designed to be modest in look, so that the bride exuded a demure beauty and grace that were becoming of brides in that time period. Brides were not required to project an overtly sexy image. In fact, it would be considered taboo.

Today's modern brides, however, want to look sexy. It is a challenge indeed for the bride who wants to be modest and yet appear sexy (in a subtle manner). Such brides would not choose sleeveless gowns, or plunging necklines. But many of the wedding dress designs today are geared towards an overtly sexy image. Not at all church or temple friendly! Baring all, and leaving nothing to the imagination is not always a good option.

So I decided to research the Internet, and I came up with some choices (ideas) for beautiful wedding gowns with long-sleeves. These are designs that are inspired from an era past gone, but modernized and updated to look elegant and not frumpy.

Enjoy :)

Satin Mock-Coat Wedding Gown

This one has slightly flared long sleeves, a wide stand-up collar and buttons on the jacket, and a long chapel train. Notice the beautiful beadwork all along the collar, down the middle of the dress. Incredible intricate design indeed.

Three-Quartered Lace Sleeved Wedding Gown

This is a demure, yet subtle sexy wedding gown. Intricate embroidered work on the hemline of the fitted skirt coupled with lace on the bodice attentuates the overall look.

Princess Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Gown

This is a wedding gown fit for a princess! The long sleeves are done in lace that continues on the bodice of the wedding gown. The full skirt is adorned with simple embroidery, so that it does not overwhelm the lace work on the sleeves and the bodice.

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