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Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline

A Useful Checklist to Help Organize Your Wedding

We pre-suppose that you have a year from the time of your engagement or wedding proposal to plan your wedding. Even if you do not have a year to plan your wedding, all hope is not lost, you can simply use the information below and do the items within a shorter time frame.

Soon After Your Engagement or Wedding Proposal

Start by determining your wedding date - get an idea of when you want to get married - is it during June (usually the hottest season in Singapore) or December (the rainy season in Singapore)? For instance, an outdoor garden wedding during the rainy season may not be a good idea because you have a higher probability of being rained out! You should also start to think about your wedding theme - indoor elegant dinner reception, outdoor garden or pool lunch reception etc.

12 Months Before the Wedding

Know your budget. If you are not sure of your expenses, start creating a budget as soon as you can. It will help you in keeping within your limits and not overspending. Select your wedding venue. Begin shopping for your wedding bridal gown(s) and groom's suit. If you need to, you can always hire a wedding planner to help you organize your wedding - if you choose to, this would be a good time to select a wedding planner.

If you want to look your radiant best on your wedding day, start yourself on a facial regime. Also be sure to exercise regularly to keep yourself in shape. Watch what you eat. We tend to get a lot of unwanted calories through snacks and soft drinks. If you need to lose some weight, you can engage a fitness trainer to help you achieve your target weight.

8 Months Before Your Wedding

Place a booking with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) in Singapore to confirm your wedding date. Decide on your wedding gown - if you are getting it tailored, then you should start working with your designer now.

Send out "save the date" cards to your intended wedding guests, and see how many are available to attend. Be sure to send them to your oveaseas guests as they need time to plan a trip for your wedding.

Make a booking with your photographer - if possible, ask for a trial photo shoot to see how comfortable you are with your photographer. If not, be sure to see sample wedding photo shots - both studio ones and actual wedding day shots.

Book your vendors - make-up artist, florists, videographers, musicians, wedding car, decorators etc.

Select members of your wedding entourage - best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers.

5 Months Before the Wedding

Confirm your wedding invitation designs, and then begin printing them. Your wedding gown should be fitted and ready for studio photo shoot. Confirm your wedding venue decoration theme and be sure to confirm supplies needed for decoration, such as the flowers, wedding favours. Confirm the menu for the wedding reception with your caterers.

3 Months Before the Wedding

Prepare your wedding guest list and mail out wedding invitations. Set the RSVP to three to four weeks before the wedding day. Plan your honeymoon.

1 Month Before the Wedding

Finalise the RSVP lists and seating arrangements. But thank you gifts for your parents and wedding entourage.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

Email guests to confirm attendance, and finalise any last minute seating arrangements issues. Arrange for a wedding rehearsal no more than a week before the actual wedding day, or else people will forget what they are supposed to do. Finalise the honeymoon details with the travel agent or hotel.

1 Week Before the Wedding

Collect the wedding rings, and be sure they are the correct size. Have your final facial, do not do anything new to your skin now, as you don't want to have an allergic reaction to any new product - stick to what you know works.

Pick up your wedding certificate and documents from the Registry of Marriages at the scheduled date.

2 Days Before the Wedding

Get yourself and your bridal entourage a manicure and pedicure. And Relax!

On the Wedding Day

Leave all the last minute issues to someone else. You don't need to pull out hairs on the very day you are supposed to be at your happiest. And enjoy yourself - you are Queen for the day.

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