Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who Should You Invite To Your Wedding?

I read with amusement an article at CNN which had a list of questions a bride should ask her potential guests so she can trim her inflated guest list. Some of the sample questions include gems such as "do the guests know names of both bride and groom" and do they know "where she went to college" and so on.

I agree that the list can be helpful to brides wanting to trim their guest lists, but I wonder at the practicality of it all. I can just imagine a bride sitting before a potential guest, and sneakily asking these questions to determine whether or not he or she qualifies to be her wedding guest!

Truthfully, not every of your guest will be able to answer the list of questions that CNN came up with. But should that be the yardstick by which you qualify a person to be your guest or not?

In Asia, family is big (and important). And family can be your blood relatives and your close family friends. It is unheard of not to invite your uncle (and I don't only mean your blood uncle because you can have many 'uncles', that is, your parents close friends etc) because you are not close to him.

Weddings are mainly for the family - the more the merrier. It is a way of announcing your new chapter in life to 'society' - be it whether they are close to you or not.

In this issue, sometimes, it is important to go by your gut feeling. And to help you with that, consult your parents - they'll tell you who is important to invite and who is not ;)

Here is what CNN came up with:

Here are 10 questions couples can use to trim that guest list and weed out the people you really don't want at your wedding.

1) Name the city I'm living in now (Good one to weed folks out, especially if you have moved a lot. Don't use this if you've lived in the same place for 10 years).

2) Name at least two of my closest friends.

3) Name my current employer and my past employer (Again, if you've remained in the same job for 15 years, this does not apply).

4) Do I have any kids?

5) Do you know the name of my fiancé? Bonus question: Where and when did we meet?

6) Do you know where my parents are and whether they are still alive? (Imagine a friend at your wedding asking how long have your parents been married when they divorced years ago).

7) Name at least two of my hobbies.

8) How old am I? (My favorite is when family friends would query, 'Are you 28 now?" Imagine their surprise when I proclaimed, 'yeah, 10 years ago!')

9) Where did I go to college? (Some people might not remember whether you attended college or even graduated.)

10) Name my last boyfriend before this engagement. Bonus question: if you can name the last two and why we broke up. If you get the bonus question right, that might automatically get you in.

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