Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nikkah Wedding Dresses | Malay Muslim Wedding Dress Designs

Bridal Dresses To Wear at Your Muslim Wedding

Muslim brides have a tough time finding a suitable wedding dress that would be fitting for an Islamic wedding. Many of the options available today at the trendy bridal boutiques showcase many wedding outfits that are not suitable for a Muslim wedding.

Based on email responses to my last post on Malay Muslim Wedding dresses, I decided to compile in this article some more lovely and modest wedding dresses for Muslim women. I hope you are happily inspired by these designs that I have categorised by three Muslim cultural traditions: Malay Muslim, Indian Muslim and Arab Muslim.

Malay Muslim Nikkah Wedding Dresses

Photos By Puteri Najwa

The Malay Muslim wedding dresses above are based on the traditional baju kebaya design. The traditional baju kebaya is actually worn fitted to one's body shape. But today, more Muslim women are opting to wear it looser in keeping with Islamic rulings on clothes, so the looser version of the baju kebaya is called the baju kebarung.

Nevertheless, the designs for wedding outfits are absolutely beautiful - attention is paid to beadwork, embroidery and vibrant colours that makes the bride stand out.

Click here to view designs for:

Indian Muslim Nikkah Wedding Dresses

Arab Muslim Nikkah Wedding Dresses

More wedding dress designs can be viewed here:

Modest Wedding Dress for Nikkah

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